Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patience and Independence

Over the holiday weekend, Cody and I celebrated our freedom and a cheap new dryer. About mid-April, the dryer in our house stopped working for some reason or another and, since we had agreed with our landlord that we would replace any appliances with our own, we began to search for a super-good deal on a new one. I am pretty certain that I am the most indecisive person in the world. After going a week without doing laundry, I reluctantly spent $14 on a really nifty retractable clothes line (interestingly, with the household of the Queen of England's seal of approval). So, for almost three months, I line dried all our laundry. This worked really well since Alabama has been in a relative drought for the past several months. However, sudden summer showers in the last few weeks put me so far behind on my clothes washing that Cody insisted I go buy a dryer. I looked at Lowe's and Sear's and found nothing under $300 (free financing though!! Um, no, thank you). Even a local used appliance store offered nothing less than about $150, and that particular dryer was beige had had a very 1980-ish design around the knobs. So, with the help of my mother, I searched through the newspaper classifieds for a few days and, what do you know, a nice elderly couple was wanting to get rid of a perfectly good, if slightly aged, dryer for a whooping $65! I quickly loaded that baby up and now have every article of clothing in my house washed and dried to perfection...well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.

While I could have whipped over to my local appliance center the day my old dryer went out and financed a new, state-of-the-art, art-deco inspired, can-dry-fifteen-pairs-of-jeans-at-once dryer, I instead patiently weighed my options and improvised until I found an excellent deal. Even if this used dryer only lasts a few years, it will be well worth the amount I paid for it. However, I do plan on continuing to use my clothes line on sunny days. Not only do I love the crispness of the clothes, it uses no energy and forces me to get moving a little while I'm doing my housework.

On a humorous note...Yesterday, as we were recovering from our 4th of July BBQ lunch and $10 budget firework show, I happened to see a commercial for a certain high-end mattress brand. This particular company was so excited to offer me financing for four, yes FOUR, years for the very first time. How could anyone fall asleep at night knowing the mattress on which they lay would not technically be theirs for another four years? If you didn't pay, would someone come repossess your mattress at night?

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