Friday, July 1, 2011

About Me

           There is nothing exceptional about myself or my circumstances. I live in a small town in northeast Alabama with my husband, our cats, and our dog. I reside in the same town in which I went to high school and where the majority of my and my husband’s family lives. I have no intentions of leaving.  My husband, Cody, and I met during high school and have been best friends for almost five years now. We have been married for about a year and a half.
            I have my B.A. in English  and will have my masters degree in Secondary Education and Language Arts in a little less than a year. I have a passion for reading and credit the majority of my knowledge not to my formal education but to my insatiable appetite for books. I am interested not only in reading and writing, as my undergraduate degree might suggest, but also in history and all the political, religious, cultural, and geographic subtopics that it encompasses. Within my studies of literature, I focus primarily on medieval and eighteenth century British texts. I plan to teach high school English and possibly go on to teach college-level literature courses as some point. As a teacher, I hope to relate to my students that reading is the only way for them to acquire the information they need to become successful adults. Currently, I work as a substitute teacher, part-time nanny to two precious boys, and as a retail sales associate. Outside of academia, my interests are traveling, gardening, cooking, baking, various crafts, and almost any outdoor activity.
            Cody chose not to pursues a college education, a decision which afforded us the opportunity to marry at an arguably young age and for him to support me as I completed, and continue to complete, my education. He works at a local warehousing company, a job he has worked at in some capacity since he was fifteen. We are very blessed that the primary bread-winner of our little family has stable and secure employment that he also enjoys. Cody is the most laidback man I have ever met and I’m guessing that his main interest in life is trying to keep up with his crazy wife! Cody and I share an interest in traveling and outdoor activities like gardening. He reads an occasional book and loves Alabama Crimson Tide football, Halo, men’s softball, and poker, in that order. I love him dearly!
            Cody and I live within minutes of both sets of our parents and are extremely close to our families. We have a nephew, three, and a new niece, born in March 2011, who we think are vastly superior to any other children in the world.

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