Friday, July 1, 2011

Motivations and Intentions

I am beginning this blog for several reasons. Until now I have cast a skeptical eye towards blogs, but as I developed the idea for this one I began to realize that the motivation bloggers have for posting their thoughts in public is just as much for their own pleasure as for the their belief that others might be curious about their lives. This blog is for me. If someone else enjoys it or learns from it, that will just be a bonus.
            My first motivation for writing this blog is just that, writing. Although I would much prefer academic writing (I am no novelist), I truly miss putting my thoughts into writing. As I write, I hope to reveal to myself a glimpse of my intentions for the way I live and conduct my family life.
            Secondly, I intend for this blog to serve as a way to organize my thoughts, plans, and ideas in a manner similar to a diary, but focused on a very specific subject. I am constantly collecting ideas, hearing anecdotes, and reading information that I want to remember. These tidbits are often lost in the jumble of daily life. Hopefully, this blog will be a way to record and remember such things.
            My final motivation for beginning this project is the decision my husband and I have made to live our married life as financially responsible and goal oriented adults. In my background, I will explain why such an endeavor might require strategic planning and documentation. I desire to have a type of scrapbook of our journey and the steps we take to acquire the type of lifestyle we have decided to seek. This final motivation may not be clear until this blog has been maintained for a very long period of time.

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