Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation Savings Tip

John Tesh gets on my nerves. Horribly. As much as I hate to admit it, he occasionally has a good idea. Cody heard this at work yesterday while listening to the Tesh's radio show and I actually think its a great way to save for vacations.

Every time you have an extra $25 or $50 dollars, buy a prepaid gas card from Shell, BP, or another nationally recognized gas station. Place these in an envelope. When vacation time comes around, your gas expenses are already paid for. Plus, you don't wind up splurging all the cash you've saved on restaurants and souvenirs then suddenly realize you don't have money set aside for the gas to get home. Cody and I are actually going to add this expense to our budget for our next trip to Dry Tortugas in the spring. His parents have decided they want to go with us and will be paying to rent a van to drive the sixteen hours to Key West. Since we will have the majority of the gas expenses already paid for, the trip is going to be super cheap! We're already excited!

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