Monday, August 22, 2011

Dangerous Territory

Yesterday, I successfully managed to veer away from an opportunity that I honestly feel had the potential to derail all our plans. As I have mentioned before, my mother works in a bank. While we don't share the same opinions about finances, we usually have a pretty open dialogue about money matters because of her occupation and my sometimes obnoxious attitude about such things. Yesterday, she asked for a favor. Her boss was needing referrals and invited Cody and me to come in for a mortgage advising session. The era of low rates is nigh! They can double your down payment! There is no telling how much you could get! Think of the opportunities! Stop right there.

While I appreciated being considered "adult" enough to apply for a mortgage, I honestly perceived this as a trap. And a very dangerous one at that. I am constantly working to reassure myself and my husband that we are content in our home, that we don't need new stuff, that our hard work will reap great rewards in the years to come. If we sat there and listened as they offered us the possibility of a three bedroom home for a modest $500 monthly payment (for thirty years, nonetheless), could we resist the temptation? Such opportunities are the ones that it seems everyone is taking, and aren't our intentions blatantly opposite of everyone else's? Needless to say, I politely refused.

On a humorous note, this afternoon my car wouldn't crank. I immediately had flashbacks of the day I burnt up by engine. However, it was only a dead battery caused by extreme Alabama heat and a collection of battery acid around the cable. Whew! Now something like that would have most definitely derailed our plans!

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