Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the Year Off Right

First, I need to confess. On New Year's Eve night, we ate a steak dinner than cost almost as much as we paid for our room that night. This will never, ever, ever happen again. The fillet mignon was excellent, but I'd rather have A1 sauce with my steak instead of a slathering of guilt.

Our trip to the Opryland Hotel was great! Cody bought some fishing tackle with his Christmas money at the Bass Pro Shop, we saw amazing light displays, and there was a bathtub in our room (this was one of the best parts for me... our house has only a small shower). Best of all, we came back with cash to spare and I received a $7.31 refund for the rate adjustment I requested several weeks ago (this was after the extra amount paid for our parking and resort fee).

My absolute favorite part of this trip was the drive back home on Sunday morning. Cody and I had three hours to talk about how we are doing in general and our specific goals and plans for the future. In my opinion, talks like these are essential to...well, everything. We discussed our financial goals, upcoming plans for our travels, how are jobs are going, our plan to purchase a home, as well as what we really want to do with our lives (I'm about to post the video that spurred this part of the conversation). Overall, this trip was a great start for 2012. Happy New Year to you and Happy Second Anniversary to us!!

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