Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday

My sister-in-law and I teamed up to brave the Black Friday crowds with much success. Old Navy advertised that they were giving away Kodak Sport digital cameras to the first 40 people in line. We sat up our chairs at 7:30 Thanksgiving night and got our free (after a $40.00 purchase, but that amount knocked out two gifts) cameras at 12:00 a.m. Its probably not the best camera but it is waterproof so I'm super excited about taking it to Dry Tortugas in May! We also went to two different WalMarts, Sears, Belk, Lowe's and Academy. I also went ahead and purchased all of the gift cards I was planning on buying for presents this year. So, as of today, I have the following left on my Christmas list: both my maternal grandparents, a picture frame for my paternal grandmother, a tote bag for my mother-in-law, a gift certificate for Cody's cousin, and possibly something small to add to my mother's gift. Then I'm done! And it isn't even December yet! To top it all off, I still have money in my Christmas envelope!

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